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Billions of people around the world embrace the practice of yoga. Its lessons in breath control, simple meditation, and specific bodily postures are widely regarded as a means to achieve health and relaxation.

Yoga teacher and horsewoman Cathy Woods says that’s not all: She believes
the meditative, mindful breathwork and lifestyle aspects of the tradition,
as well as the postures, can be profoundly helpful in our interactions with

Her unique program is presented here in the form of highly illustrated instruction, guiding you through the steps to achieving present moment awareness; finding body, breath, and energy awareness; breathing through challenges; listening to your inner voice; slowing down; and developing balance and symmetry in the saddle. All of these are key to better communication and improved partnership with our horses.

In addition, Woods shares specific stretches for strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as postures that contribute to rider safety as we age. The result is a book that helps us become more aware and conscious riders while gently correcting our imbalances, resulting in a richer, more rewarding, more joyful horsemanship experience.

CATHY WOODS is a long-time yoga teacher and retreat leader, having taught yoga to equestrians and non- equestrians since 1990. An equine enthusiast and avid rider, Woods combined her passions to create a pro- gram called “Body, Mind, Equine,” which focuses on the use of yoga principles and postures to improve horsemanship. She offers retreats and clinics at ranches, resorts, equine centers, and expos—including Equine Affaire, Southern Equine Expo, and Equitana USA—as well as for private equestrian groups. Woods has writ- ten for and been featured in numerous online and print publications, such as EQUUS, Western Horse & Gun Magazine, Yoga Digest,, Equitrekking, and Woods aims to impart an aware/mindful approach to yoga and horsemanship, while promoting a more enriched and skillful life.

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With the 2020 we’re all having, the idea of escaping to a beautiful ranch to find peace, balance, and strength through riding and yoga practice sounds pretty darn appealing. Cathy Woods, author of the new book YOGA FOR RIDERS, is the founder and leader of Body, Mind, Equine™ retreats, which in typical years occur at a number of fabulous locations all over the country. We caught up with Cathy following the release of YOGA FOR RIDERS and asked for her to share what a typical first day at one of her retreats is like…so we can all close our eyes, block out the news, and pretend we are there… Keep reading

Equine fitness specialist Jec Ballou reviews and introduces Yoga for Riders live from her barn in Soquel, California. Check out her casual, live interview with Author Cathy Woods to see how Yoga for Riders may be a great addition to your equine or yoga journey. Watch here!

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While cleverly disguised as a ‘yoga for riders’ book, this text contains the secret sauce to having the ultimate connection and communication with your horse. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with their horse.

WarWick Schiller Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship, Two-Time Australian WEG Team Member, Worldwide Clinician

Cathy Woods’ ability to condense such a dynamic concept in a way that can be interpreted by everyone is compelling. Not only does she introduce yoga and its many layers, but it’s done with beauty and grace that is mirrored in the layout, photos, and organization as well. I truly believe anyone who works with horses will find Yoga for Riders a valuable resource that will enhance their life in and out of the saddle just as yoga transcends the mat! This book is practical and personable and a must-read for anyone looking to grown and evolve in their work.

Jenn Bodnar Owner, Yoga Digest

Cathy Woods makes a compelling case for all of us to augment our horsemanship with a simple yoga practice. Yoga for Riders serves up the indisputable foundations of horsemanship in a new light with the added bonus of simple exercises to implement them.

Jec A. Ballou Author of Equine Fitness and 55 Corrective Exercises for Horses

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