Yoga for Riders Articles

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Horse Illustrated Magazine: Yoga for Riders received some good press in the Oct. 2020 issue of Horse Illustrated Magazine where they shared “How a few easy yoga moves can improve your riding.”

Trafalgar Square Books Blog: Big Breakfasts, Power Naps, and Mindful Riding: 24 Hours with Yoga Retreat Leader Cathy Woods

Yoga Digest

Body, Mind, Equine

An Attitude of Gratitude Creates Abundance

Are You Yoga Confused?

Rural America Awakens to Yoga


Using Yoga Principles To Improve Horsemanship From Ground to Saddle

Good Stretches for Horse Riders with Cowgirl/Yogini, Cathy Woods

Elephant Journal

The Respectful Student/Teacher Relationship & What Makes a Guru

Yoga Confusion: Systems, Styles, Certifications . . . What Do They All Mean?

Bringing Yoga to Rural America


America’s Best Dude Ranches with Women’s Programs 

More Than Horses: Luxury Dude Ranch Offers Great Women-Only and Family Programs

New Life Journal

Should You Strive to be the Guru’s Pet?

Breathe-In: Confused About Yoga?

Interviews with Cathy

Over the years, Cathy has been interview and written about by writers, travel bloggers and the like… See what they have to say below:

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