In a world where yoga is increasingly confined to the practice of asanas as a simple workout routine rather than a complete spiritual, physical and philosophic system, Cathy stands out as the real deal. Cathy is a true teacher and not merely an instructor. She combines a real passion for yoga with deep knowledge and delivers it in a way that really connects, regardless of whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years. She creates an environment where the study and practice of real authentic yoga is wonderfully easy, informative and enjoyable. Studying yoga with someone like Cathy is a rare privilege not to be missed.
Dale Cody
Co-Founder of DharmaPharm
As a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher for over thirty years, I am delighted to tell you about Cathy Woods.  Not only does Cathy bring decades of knowledge, skill, enthusiasm, and experience to her instruction, she opens her students to so much more —  the heart of yoga.  Yoga can be experienced on many levels.  Basic techniques that improve health and well-being also contain the seeds for the most sublime and profound awakenings.  Cathy possesses the rare ability to teach on all levels within groups of varied individuals.  Whatever one’s ability, Cathy’s students feel at home with her comfortable and inspired instruction.Over the years I’ve been fortunate to study with yoga masters such as Swami Satchidananda, Yogi Bajan, Amrit Desai, Guru Mai, and many others.  For any yoga master, yoga is no longer practice but is a way of life.  Cathy has integrated yoga into her own life and because of that, the heart of yoga shines through in her classes.  In the many years I have known Cathy, I have seen her love of yoga not only uplift lives, but transform the greater community around her.  I heartily recommend taking a yoga journey with Cathy Woods.
George J. Felos
(George J. Felos practices law, is the foremost national expert in “right-to-die” cases,
and is the author of Litigation as Spiritual Practice.
Thank you so much for the 8 LIMBS OF YOGA. Not only did you meet my “intended” reason for coming (a graceful and wise presentation on 8 limbs that was so easy to grasp) but in the letting go of my expectations, I found so much more.
Since meeting you 2 years ago I always knew you were tuned in to a deep knowing that is rare and beautiful. I am so glad you are eager to share – you are a WONDERFUL teacher/guide.
Iva Veazy
Performance Wellness Consultant
Cathy was very well received by our guests, some of whom had never before experienced Yoga.  Many guests approached me with positive comments about Cathy’s sessions and about their interactions with her “off the mat.”  Her asana sessions were obviously designed with the range of physical abilities in the room in mind, yet the sessions felt authentic, incorporating sound, guided mediation, and relaxation. Programmatically, I appreciate that Cathy can do more than lead classes on Yoga postures.  She recently facilitated two sessions on managing stress and setting intentions that enhanced our guests’ overall experience during their stay.  Cathy is professional and easy to work with.  I hope to have her back at our retreat center in the near future.
Brian Gifford
Director of Programs & On-site Coordinator
The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Inc.
Thank you for coming to Knoxville, The Glowing Body.  It was really great meeting you and attending your very informative workshop on the 8 limbs of Yoga.  It was a wonderful few hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it!As I embark on my journey of a deeper understanding of Yoga I will forever be grateful to you for all the knowledge gained during your presentation.  You did a fantastic job preparing and articulating the information.  I definitely know I will be returning to my notes many, many times as a source.
Warmest regards,
Deb Fauver
I have found Cathy Woods to be a beautiful soul able to guide flowing yoga sessions with an open and inclusive approach. While I have had a wide experience with yoga instructors over a several year period, I am most at home with Cathy at the front of the room. She not only consistently provides valuable instruction, but does so with experiential application. I love listening to Cathy’s calming yet firm and easy to follow instructional voice. Even with my eyes closed I can follow the sessions flow. Cathy Woods is what I consider an authentic yogini, committed to the pure essence of yoga practice, which she shares with a strong and open heart. Cathy has helped me deepen my own spiritual practice throughout our time together in regular weekly yoga sessions, and longer retreats at various locations. I am so grateful to Cathy for all she has taught me.
Dell Hambleton
The long-term success of our daily yoga program is a result of the experience and involvement of instructor Cathy Woods.  From the developmental stages to the present, Cathy has played a vital role in incorporating quality yoga classes into our resort’s offerings.  These one-hour classes are frequently the highlight of our guest’s entire stay.  Most notice her gentle and calming nature and appreciate her support and reassurance.  She has been a joy to work with both on and off the mat!Tetia McMichael
Owner, Lakeview at Fontana
Resort and Spa