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Employee Engagement & Well-Being

Employee well-being is essential to success in today’s competitive environment. Creating and enhancing well-being is gaining importance in the workplace. Those companies that care how employees occupy their time and engage in their jobs will have a competitive edge. Recent Gallup data (August 2009 Employee Engagement Index) demonstrate how your inspired employee costs less to insure, boosts performance, and drives the organization forward. By contrast, actively disengaged employees can sour the work environment for clients and coworkers.
Cathy Woods, National Life Skills Retreat Leader and Long-time Yoga Teacher, will guide your staff into a stress-melting experience while offering practical skills for life and the workplace. Cathy is a versatile and adaptable teacher who creates a safe, nurturing environment to reach executives, managers, and staff.
Benefits of a Cathy Woods Enrichment Program:
  • Experience and enjoy a well-balanced, rejuvenated, and motivated workforce.
  • Increase employee productivity with happier, more engaged employees.
  • Attract and satisfy customers and clients with a positive workplace environment.
  • Improve workflow with deliberate and positive communication.
  • Identify and shed negative work habits that impede employees or the business.

All programs for the workplace are customized to suit your needs.

  • Length of Program: 2-hour session, half-day, or multi-day programs. Create a program from scratch or add a life skills workshop to your next conference or retreat.
  • Content of Program: Relaxation and rejuvenation, team building, leadership development, stress management skills — a number of options are available to create and reward a positive and productive workforce.
  • Location of Program: Cathy will travel to your location or create a lodging and program package in the Smoky Mountains.
  • Activity Options: Team Building workshops may include whitewater rafting, ropes course, or zipline excursions.


Renew, Restore, Reconnect

Stress Reduction, Relaxation Skills

Renewal Days for Employees

Empowering Your Intentions

Enrichment Skills for Work & Life

Program Topics and Options

Enrichment Skills for Work and Life A well-being program for… professionals, executives, managers, business owners, people in the work place, students & anyone who wants to learn life-skills to create a more balanced way of living & working. This program is also suitable for companies who wish to send their employees on an experience to enhance well-being (Employee Enrichment) in the work place, leading to renewed and inspired employees and boosted performance.

As we move into a more conscious time in our world it is only fitting that we bring more awareness

to our business, our work place and our lives.”

This program helps participants find balance, harmony and create healthy habits that lead to greater personal, professional performance & growth. Often we find ourselves exhausted with the pressures of our busy lives. When we learn to manage our energy in a more integrative way, we free up our energy for better use, enhancing our well-being. When we can experience our livelihood as “service” instead of “labor” it simply becomes more joyful, fulfilling, successful, and an extension of whom we truly are.

We will explore: Tips for challenging times; improved communication; empowering intentions; cues in your day to help stay centered and balanced; energy management; the “importance of stillness” as a counter balance to our busy lives; breath work; relaxation; meditation; yoga.

Additional benefits:

  • Experience yourself as well-balanced, rejuvenated and motivated
  • Increased productivity
  • More engaged
  • Help create/attract satisfied clients
  • Become more positive
  • Deliberate and positive communication
  • Identify and shed negative work habits

This program is most effective offered as a two night program, but can be modified for longer or. In addition, portions of this program can be extracted to fit into your existing event.

Renew Restore Reconnect

Skills to Enrich Your Life!

(2-hour Program)

Simply talking about meditation and relaxation is not nearly as effective as experiencing it. This is an effective, experiential program.

Hour One: Gentle, restorative yoga, suitable for anyone, regardless of age, physical condition, or experience.

  • Breath-work & Relaxation Practice
  • Meditation & Awareness Practice
  • Easy & Effective Yoga Postures

The focus of this segment is on awareness of our body, mind, and spirit. As we become more aware of ourselves during practice, the more we begin to carry that awareness with us into all that we do.

Hour Two:

  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation Techniques

This segment will focus on balancing body, mind, and spirit, with practical ways to accomplish this. Participants will practice the art of staying centered. This segment is interactive with hand-outs provided. This segment ends with a deep guided relaxation experience leaving participants feeling renewed and restored.

Half-Day Renewal Program

Show appreciation for your hard-working staff with a Workplace Renewal Day led by an experienced and committed life-skills facilitator. A half-day workshop will develop skills to achieve top performance and increase productivity in your workforce. The half-day program includes Renew, Restore, Reconnect (described on the left) with additional topics specific to your organization objectives.

Possible topics:

  • Co-Listening and improved communication skills building
  • Empowering your Intentions to meet life and work goals
  • The Importance of Stillness as a counter balance to busy schedules and lives

Custom Options available in the Smoky Mountains

  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Catered Meals
  • Retreat Space
  • Spa & Massage Services
  • Team Building Experiences
    • Whitewater Rafting
    • Zipline Excursions
    • Ropes Course

What Others Are Saying About Cathy Woods Enrichment Programs . . .

Cathy Woods was not only easy to work with, but she really understood the nuances of our program and took great care to emphasize the ways in which yoga can help business professionals find balance, harmony, and the kind of healthy habits that lead to greater personal and professional productivity.I highly recommend Cathy for your event.

Mary Connaughty Senior Vice President/Learning Executive, Bank of America

“Happy, relaxed, and fulfilled employees create greater efficiency, economy, and productivity in your workplace,” so says business instructor, Cathy Woods.Cathy deftly teaches the “hows” and “whys” in her practical, enjoyable, and insightful program.As a business owner I am pleased to recommend Cathy; my only regret is not finding her sooner!

George J. Felos Attorney and Author Felos & Felos, P. A

Recently, I worked with Cathy to schedule and run her program called: “Renew, Restore and Reconnect” for a group of high net worth advisors.Her session was both educational and relaxing.She ran the group through a series of relaxing stretches, techniques and tips that left me feeling invigorated.In fact, after the session I told Cathy: “I feel great, I wish I could do this every day!”will take the lessons I learned during the session and incorporate them into my daily routines.I recommend the program for virtually any audience.

John Kadish Sr. Vice President Learning Consultant Bank of America

I have had the good fortune to be able to attend Cathy Woods’ programs during the past year. found yoga to be a practice that helped me during my medical training, many years ago. relaxation and breathing techniques help during difficult situations, and can help one stay focused at such times. not only teaches these skills, she incorporates life-skill topics as she teaches. She has the beautiful ability to do this both on and off the yoga mat. One leaves her classes feeling more balanced, not only physically but in a happier, more balanced state of mind. allows the student to bring that balance with them wherever they go, whether it be to a medical practice, a corporate board room or a classroom. benefits found in yoga reach far beyond the postures, and Cathy teaches one to be aware of this gift.

Patricia Johnson, MD Family Practice Physician Tallulah Health Center

Message from Cathy

I am a long-time yoga teacher and Life Skills Retreat Leader. The roots of my twenty-year teaching experience are based not only in my training and education, but in my own self-realization, insights, creativity, and life experience. I have owned and operated three successful businesses and have been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. My principles of teaching are to assist the students in creating an overall healthy lifestyle, helping them to embark on their own inner journey to Peace, Joy, and Wellness. My style of teaching can be easily understood and applied, regardless of age, health, lifestyle or spiritual belief. As a versatile and intuitive teacher, I have presented yoga and life skills programs at community events, colleges, corporate groups, retreats, and resorts/spas for the last two decades. Over time I have developed specialized “Work & Life” enrichment programs to share the benefits of awareness practices with corporate clients, professional organizations, small business owners, managers, and employees. Please take a moment to review my program offerings.



Call for Consultation
With a short consultation to discuss your unique circumstances, Cathy will recommend a customized program to serve the needs of your organization. Every program is different. Cathy is an authentic and engaging teacher whose goal is to guide your group through a productive experience that will have lasting benefits for attendees and the work organization.
Cathy travels throughout the United States teaching yoga and life skills, and providing your program in the Smoky Mountains is an option. Cathy works with several venues that can accommodate a range of meeting needs.

Workshop Topics

Renew, Restore, Reconnect

Stress Reduction & Relaxation Skills

Renewal Days for Employees

Empowering Your Intentions

Create the Life you Want: An Abundance Workshop

Enrichment Skills for Work & Life



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