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Yoga Classes & Workshops

The programs below represent some programs Cathy teaches. Please review Cathy’s Current Schedule to explore her upcoming workshops. Usually there are several of the following programs on the schedule. Please contact Cathy to learn more about any of the following programs or to customize your own.

  • Launch Your Yoga Journey, Enrich your life!
  • A Complete Yogic Journey, Beyond the Mat /Living Yoga, On and Off the Mat
  • Experience the Art of Living, learning how to journey through life with skill & grace
  • Enrichment Skills to balance your Work & Life, customized well-being workshop for Corporate Groups, Small Business Owners, & Health Care Professional
  • Letting Prana Be Your Guide, a prana flow workshop experience
  • Body, Mind, Equine, The Yoga of Horsemanship
  • Authenticity in Teaching & Practice
  • Bringing Sacredness to Your Practice
  • Master Classes for teachers and teacher training programs
  • Explore and Experience Meditation
  • The Yoga of Breath a Pranayama Workshop
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga: A practical understanding of the 8 limbs
  • Your Personal Sadhana, Creating Your Personal Practice
  • Creating the life you want, the yoga of abundance
  • Self Care for Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Stress Reduction & Relaxation techniques and Creative Visualization
  • Specialty classes such as: Launch a Highly Conscious New Year; An Attitude of Gratitude; Empowering Intentions; The Art of Doing & Non Doing; to name a few…

 For specifics about a particular workshop or retreat contact

Cathy Woods Yoga

 Cathy is available for travel or can custom options in the Smoky Mountains, NC