Body, Mind, Equine™

Also known as The Yoga of HorsemanshipBB8

Cathy Woods invites you to grow, explore, and experience as you expand your understanding of Self. Discover the life force that flows through all things in a place where yoga meets the world of Equine.

Body, Mind, Equine is not about doing yoga on the back of a horse (though a few  stretches can be done in the saddle), it is about using yoga principles (not just postures) to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle and become a more aware and conscious rider. Many of the practices can be applied to daily living.

Cathy Woods, international yoga teacher/retreat leader and long-time trail rider is the creator and presenter of this nationally acclaimed program ideal for all disciplines of riding and levels of experience including new yogis and riders!

The word yoga means “union,” to unite with all that is… with others… with nature… with animals…

Body, Mind, Equine with Cathy Woods

This nationally acclaimed program created and taught by Cathy Woods, long time yoga teacher and avid trail rider, is offered at Ranches, Resorts, Equine Centers and Expo’s around the country. Workshops and retreats can range from one to multi-day, retreat experiences. Body, Mind, Equine has been featured in,,  Yoga Digest Magazine, Equetrekking, Western Horse and Gun Magazine as well as other publications. 

Cathy makes yoga and horsemanship accessible to everyone regardless of experience in either discipline. There is something for everyone, whether you just like being around horses in a therapeutic way, enjoy 5-star ranch/resort experiences, or are looking for camping with lots of trail rides!  

Time is spent: 

  • experiencing meditation & breath-work 
  • exploring good stretches for riders
  • discussing the parallels of yoga and horsemanship
  • working in the arena with horses
  • enjoying trail rides (depending on the venue) 

These fun, educational, rich, quality programs, leave the participant empowered and with new life-skills, new friends, and a sense of confidence. 

Cathy does not claim to be a riding instructor, horse trainer, or therapist, but shares a more conscious approach to, yoga, horsemanship and life.* 

*Basic riding and safety skills are covered

Happy Trails & Namaste

To Schedule Your Body, Mind, Equine Event, please contact Cathy Woods Yoga at 828.479.9373 or by email at

Yoga is more than just stretches done on a mat. Yoga is an awareness practice. As we become more aware and integrated on the mat, we then bring that heightened, centered awareness into all that we do. 

~ Yogini, Cathy Woods

Testimonials bb35

“Find Your Inner Cowgirl through Body, Mind, Equine” is the ultimate retreat if you are looking for an experience that underscores the meaning of positive self-care. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I own and operate a small mental health practice. It is essential for me to take care of myself so I can help others through their own healing process. I have attended this retreat twice and I am attending again in 2019. My experiences with this retreat have truly been transformative. Everything about this experience is amazing. C Lazy U ranch is the perfect venue. The staff are accommodating and a real pleasure to interact with. The meals are delicious and you will never go hungry. The daily jingles are wonderful. There are no words to express joethe magnificence of remaining present as hundreds of horses thunder to and from pasture. I would describe the other women who attend this retreat as strong and soulfully beautiful. I immediately felt bonded to them and it was incredible to experience the safety and acceptance every woman openly and willingly shared with one another. I believe all this was impeccably planned by two devoted women: Cathy Woods and her dedicated assistant, Amanda. Together, these women exemplify the meaning of “Namaste.”  So, if you are looking for peace and tranquility by the way of the cowgirl, your journey will not be complete until you embrace your inner strength through love and self-compassion. I look forward to meeting all of you in 2019. 

Peace and blessings,

Dr. Danielle M. Mink, Licensed Clinical Psychologist of Two Trails Mental Health and Wellness Center, LLC 


Horses and yoga??? YES!!  I recently had the opportunity to participate in Cathy Woods’ Equestrian Yoga Retreat at C Lazy U Ranch. Since I neither ride or do yoga, my concerns were immediately put to rest! Cathy expertly and patiently worked with our group, taking into account the level of each individual participant. The weekend was perfectly planned and Cathy is an exceptional leader. The ranch was magnificent and the experience enlightening! I highly recommend a weekend retreat with Cathy! It will change your life! 

Dianna G of Sarasota, FL



Weekend Workshop C Lazy U Ranch May 10-13, 2018 – The find your Inner Cowgirl through body, mind equine workshop at the beautiful C Lazy U Ranch in Granby Colorado was a joyful experience full of glorious surprises, including the beauty and grandeur of 200 horses against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. One might think that participants be well versed in both yoga and horsemanship or at least one or the other. Yet, it seemed that those who attended embodied simply joy surrounding a yoga experience that included a 3-day assignment with a mentor horse. There were many revelations through the weekend accompanied by good food, friendship, leisure time and a phenomenal body tune-up with yoga practice and on horseback. Long post ride soaks in the tub were enjoyed by many. Cathy Woods is a passionate experienced yogini and horsewoman who, along with her assistant Amanda, turned the weekend into magic. C Lazy U Ranch has got the mojo with hosting this kind of group and it was beautiful to see how they loved us and the work that they do on the ranch. If you feel called to participate, you will not be disappointed. 

Cheri McClure Elliott 

Explore a Visual Journey of Past Body, Mind, Equine Events. Click on any image below to scroll through. 

Upcoming Body, Mind, Equine Events:

April 12 – 14, 2019 | Georgia
Restorative Horse & Yoga Self-Care, Women’s Retreat
The Peach Pit Center

May 9 – 12, 2019 | Colorado
Find Your Inner Cowgirl Retreat
C Lazy U Ranch

June 27 – 30, 2019 | Montana
Women’s Ranch Experience with Body, Mind Equine
Horses N Courage

October 11 – 13, 2019 | Tennessee
Smoky Mountain Dude Ranch, Horse & Yoga Retreat 
French Broad Outpost 


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2019 Events for Body, Mind, Equine

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